Admission Norbridge Argentina

Please read the admission conditions carefully and then complete the form.

To the families interested in obtaining information about any of our offices – Capital, Pilar or Mendoza, we recommend following the following steps in order to be properly attended by our staff.

1. Please complete the application via the web.

2. On the agreed day and time, the family is attended in the first place by a director of the institution who informs them of the ideology, the pedagogical project, the conditions of entry and the required documentation.

3. Next, the parents receive financial information from the Administration staff and tour the building to see the facilities that we have.

4. We ask you to complete a form with the applicant’s details for the vacancy.

If the family makes the decision to start the admission process:

1. The first thing is to ask the Administration for a turn for the Admission Workshop. The same is taken for admission to all levels of the school.

– For the initial level, the workshop consists of a play activity that is observed by a coordinator and / or educational psychologist from the school.

– To enter the Primary and Secondary levels, the level of English and basic knowledge of Language and Mathematics corresponding to the grade or year already taken by the student are taken. No previous preparation is required.

2. On the day of the Workshop, the family must present the documentation, which basically consists of:

– Student documentation (DNI, birth certificate, photocopy of vaccination certificate).

– Official Gazette of the approved grade / year (for admission to Primary and Secondary) and Narrative report of the last room to which it attended (for applicants to the Initial Level).

– Free debt of the institution from which it comes, if it is privately managed.

3. At 48 hours. (working) after having taken the Admission Workshop, the family is informed of its results.

4. To make the enrollment effective, the Secretariat and Administration staff complete the final process with the parents.

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