Case Method

A smart way to feel and act.

This is a tool in which team work enhances collective productivity and the coexistence of different intelligences and learning styles.

The purpose of case method is to give students the chance of acquiring a generalized understanding of the problems they can face and to have them develop skills and capabilities in order to solve those problems in a systematic way and by means of sustainable solutions.

It can be defined as the narrative description of a certain real-life situation, incident or event made by a group of observers that involves one or more decisions.

In addition to the fact or problem, it must include the correct basic data leading to decisions implying one solution or more options.

In this method, the word, understood as the description of the facts, is essential for the development of a narrative of the events, and the narrator cannot make any interpretation, as this may change the perception of the receptor. Sessions may last between 20 minutes and 2 hours. Groups are organized for the socialization of the case before the general meeting. The ideas are thus presented, and leaders and shy students are detected. The objective of the confrontation in small groups is to find opposite opinions.

The usefulness of the case method lies in that it presents real life conditions to individuals to prepare them to develop the latent vision, authority, communication and leadership talents, and to train them for respectful confrontation, agile and effective communication, rational and objective processing of information, and decision-making under uncertainty conditions.

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