Education in service

Solidarity actions in real contexts.

As to this kind of activities, we have a wide experience of work arising from the need of our community, as well as from our students’ interest.

This way, year after year, solidarity or service projects are implemented. These allow our adolescent and teenage students to lead, develop and assess processes, and to apply what they have learnt academically and in terms of their socio-emotional skills for the service of the community.

In turn, participation in solidarity actions in real contexts allows them to generate new knowledge that cannot be found in books, to research new topics and to develop skills for life, work and citizen participation.

The Norbridge community participates directly or indirectly in this type of work: each member makes their contribution to achieve the objective together.

Our service-learning projects simultaneously cover disciplinary learning, the development of “know-how”, training in values, social awareness and active citizenship.

    Some of the projects carried out:

      • Miracle home: fundraising, shared snacks, support classes.


      • Local public gardens:
        • Children’s day celebration in our institution.
        • Creation and assembly of a library.
        • Shared snacks.
        • Design and preparation of educational games and souvenirs for different ages and themes.


    • Meisner Hospital. Collection and conditioning of clothes. Preparation of trousseau, visit to the hospital and day with teenage mothers. Preparation and delivery of workshops on different topics.

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