Frequent Questions.


How old is the College?

Since 1989, Norbridge College has been the first full-time bilingual school to specialize exclusively in the early development of children’s talent.

What does Art. 93 of the National Education Law talk about?

That all jurisdictions need to provide support and encouragement to talented and outstanding children in their respective districts. Norbridge School is the first in Argentina to have a program specifically developed for these students, and the first educational institution to meet this standard.

Is it difficult to enter?

Almost all students enter the Initial Level or the first two years of Primary. During the course of schooling, the difference in academic level with other common institutions becomes more and more profound during the passing of the school cycles. In the Secondary School it is possible to enter, especially to 1st year if the student has been flagged or graduated with honors from elementary schools of high academic rigor.

What if the student is highly motivated but not outstanding?

There are different promotions that allow completing the groups with available vacancies with benefits and discounts for the interested family.

Does the College have contributions from the State?

No. The Institution is financed exclusively with the contribution of families.

Is it mandatory to go to London and the Harvard Summer Program every year?

While highly recommended, attendance at these programs is optional.

Do the boys carry a lot of homework?

While the academic rigor of the classes, the case methods, the interactive digital platform, and the cross grading mean that most understanding and analysis takes place during class time, students must complete readings, think critically, and do practical work with slightly more load than in an ordinary bilingual school. However, adequate and careful motivational stimulation makes this extra time very bearable and entertaining.

Does the Colegio de Pilar also have an indoor gym, or is all sport outdoors?

The Pilar campus, like all of them, has a covered and closed gym where students can practice basketball and volleyball with regulation measures. The Initial Level in this campus also has a covered and closed gym, of generous dimensions, exclusively for students under 6 years of age.

What years are the most important in a child's schooling?

All school periods are important, but scientifically it has been proven that 80% of the neuronal development of the adult brain takes place during the first seven years of life. It is at this stage where more attention is paid to individualized monitoring of the talents that may emerge from our students.

My son is a talented athlete or musician. Due to his travels, he is unable to attend classes regularly. Can he be a regular student of the College?

Yes. Since the avian flu in 2008, our School has been the first, and currently the national leader, in home schooling through interactive digital platforms unique in its kind in Argentina. Students who are traveling in English-speaking countries, who attend the Harvard Summer Program, who choose to take part of the school year in London or who attend competitions or concerts abroad as players or musicians, can continue their classes regularly digitally.

What religion does the College profess? Can you take your First Communion?

Our College is absolutely secular. He respects and has families of all faiths, especially Catholics, Jews and Armenians. The College does not dictate any subject related to religion, nor does it prepare for First Communion. The School greets families every year for the new year that celebrates the religion to which it belongs, as well as for other festivities, such as Christmas, forgiveness day, etc. Absence is not counted if it coincides with a school day on the local official calendar. The College encourages cultural exchanges (e.g. gastronomic, narrative, etc.) between the different faiths.

What legal form does the College have?

The College is owned by a private non-profit Foundation, which annually re-invests its income in teacher training, research, development of new educational technologies, and expansion and improvement of its facilities. The withdrawal of dividends directly or indirectly by any of its directors, members or officers of the Board of Directors is expressly prohibited.

What does “Nosce te ipsum” mean?

In Latin, it means “Know yourself”, and it is the basis of the Socratic maieutics on which much of our philosophy is based.

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