We are what we do

Our graduates, our pride

We are what we do. Because constant and hard work brings the best results. All of them passed through Norbridge College and today they challenge their own passions and professional goals with the highest training. Our graduates. Our pride.

Gonzalo Martin

Graduated from Colegio Norbridge Sede Pilar. Actor. Lives in Los Angeles. Winner of the Bafta Award for Best Actor for his role in Life is Strange 2.

Ana Domínguez

Graduated from Colegio Norbridge CABA school, aged 17. Today he is processing his admission to Harvard University, Boston, Massachusetts, United States.

María de las Mercedes Ricart

A sixth-year student at Norbridge College, 17-year-old Pilar school
Applicant to enter the Berklee College of Music, Harvard University, Boston, Massachusetts.

Estefanía Banini

Graduated from Norbridge College, Mendoza campus.
Professional soccer player. Captain of the Argentina National Team at the France 2019 World Championship. Currently a player at the El Levante club in Valencia, Spain.

Belén Llaneza

He studied at Colegio Norbridge Sede Mendoza. She was the second woman to enter the prestigious Balseiro Institute to study a Telecommunications Engineering degree, largely dedicated to the development of Arsat satellites.

Sofía Iossini

Graduated from Norbridge College, Pilar school. Textile businesswoman and fashion designer. Currently studying Integral Design at Austral University.

Juan Pablo Marzetti

Graduated from Colegio Norbridge Sede Mendoza – Currently lives in San Francisco, California. During his school years, he participated in two occasions in the International Computer Olympics. He is a Systems Engineer and works in the American company Square, a forerunner of Mercado Pago.

Keila Juyero

Graduated from Norbridge College, CABA. Currently studying Economics at the University of Milan.

Agostina Bessone

Graduated from Colegio Norbridge Sede Pilar. Thanks to the agreement that the College maintains with the University of Bologna, upon graduation he moved to Italy to study the Economy and Business degree there. He currently works at the multinational consulting firm Ernst & Young (EY) with the position of Senior in the area of ​​FSO Tax. From his position, he analyzes financial taxes at the federal and state levels, for many US financial companies.

Ivo Beitia

Graduated from Norbridge College, Federal Capital headquarters. Currently studying at UBA. He started studying Computer Engineering and soon decided to change to a career in Philosophy. Today he exploits the skills acquired in the Engineering career working as a developer of mobile apps. Ivo is part of Daniel Ricart’s book “Bright Children, Outstanding Students” for their outstanding school performance.

Delfina Rama

Graduated from Norbridge College, Federal Capital.
He is currently studying the second year of Business and Economics taught in English at the University of Bologna, Italy. From the agreement that governs between that house of studies and the Norbridge.
After finishing the degree, he plans to do a one-year internship and then do a Master.

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