Trip to England

As part of our educational project, 14th year students go on a trip to the United Kingdom of Great Britain accompanied by tutors. During July, they live with young people of their age from other countries. This is very enriching from the cultural point of view, and also they make new friends, thus becoming globalized citizens.

This trip allows them to put into practice the knowledge acquired in the school while living closely the culture of the country, thus enriching their personal training.

Even though students have already reached a high level of English, their crowning moment takes place where the language is spoken every day. They attend a school and they practice speaking with native teachers and with students from different parts of the world, using the English language as a common denominator. They may also combine this with the case method applied to different projects, putting into practice what has been done in the classrooms.

In their visits to different monuments, historical cities and sites of cultural interest they can interact with everything they have studied in their History classes or in General Information, that is, the contact with reality gives new meaning to everything studied and strengthens their knowledge.

An unforgettable experience during which, just for 30 days, students “forget” their native Spanish language and gain memorable experience while they master their English.

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