High School

What to expects?

Time and knowledge are changing very fast. Every year faster than the previous one.
And as leaders of several pedagogical methods, we need to be continuously looking
for the most cutting edge technologies to improve the way we expose our talented
students to the best possible learning environment.

We are working right now in developing for the near future:

Investment strategies. Being the first educational entity to bring and adapt the case method (Harvard University) and One Laptop per Child Project (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) to Argentina 15 years ago, give us now the opportunity to develop a program in order to teach to our students how to invest in the stock and bond markets. In association with The Wall Street Institute (USA).

Highly developed math thinking skills. The best math´s students will be able soon to develop several cross grade grouping using new ways to confront their theoretical knowledge, using state of the art premium problem solving strategies. In association with Flight Center (USA), elegible advanced high school students may use real live professional flight simulators to solve the same mathematical problems that actual pilots face when departing, navigating and approaching airports. 

Harvard International Summer Program. Our high school students will be able to attend in 2021 up to three months of the calendar year in our Alma Matter University in Boston, Massachussets. Or up to four weeks at our associated school in London, United Kingdom.
Regularly we will organize meetings with graduate students from our School, who actually are attending at the best Universities of the World, as Harvard, Bologna, Cambridge, Berkeley and more (please see appropriate section in order to know which Universities our graduates are attending right now). 

High school

In uncertain and complex scenarios, educating for life far exceeds the contents and leads us to question ourselves what are the indispensable skills.

Our students must be prepared to apply knowledge to solve new issues, to base decision-making on critical analysis, and to be responsible global citizens.

The Norbridge Secondary Education Project is committed with the development of a bilingual graduate, prepared to interact collaboratively in physical and virtual environments. We form assertive communicators who understand diversity as the challenge leading to the implementation of creative and innovative solutions.

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