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since 2008, is a pioneer in its implementation

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Norbridge, School of Argentine.

Colegio Norbridge educates independent and competent citizens committed with ethics, who value creative efforts, solidarity, justice and critical awareness. We educate honest people who are able to lead the transformation processes resulting in an increasingly fair society.

We are a bilingual lay multicultural education center: we promote a safe emotional environment suitable for the development of individual potential and talent.

Norbridge inspires responsible students willing to commit themselves ethically and intellectually to any cause promoting a plural and fair world.

The history of my school

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The history of my school

After completing studies in Harvard and being deeply influenced by the theories of Dr Joseph Renzuli and Dr Howard Gardner, Dr Daniel Ricart, designed his own approach to expand the opportunities of highly achieving students.
He founded Norbridge first venue in 1989, in CABA, offering gifted and talented students the opportunity to attend a school which differentiated their needs understanding they demanded a more challenging syllabus. Two other venues followed, one in the capital of Mendoza and the other in Del Viso, Buenos Aires.

A staunch believer in Gardner’s theory of Multiple Intelligences, Dr Ricart considered Socio Emotional Learning one of the pillars of significant education. He set up schools where a healthy emotional climate would allow confident and self-assured children to interact with each other confidently and compassionately, free from the scourge of bullying.
Norbridge was the first Digital School in our country launching a fully digital programme based on a BYOD policy as early as 2009.

Schools of Norbridge


The great minds

“… do not think alone. They live in a creative environment of high intellectual tension. Where they can feed on a rich diversity. Where they share their days researching and discovering in the true multidisciplinary and technological laboratory that Norbridge School has become. In a learning process based on the case method (Harvard) and project work (Cambridge) led by the best teaching team available in our country.

– Daniel Ricart

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